Rasmus Sørensen
Copenhagen based freelance digital designer & illustrator


Nice things said about working with me

No one says it better...

I met Rasmus in a rather complex, agile project where design requirements met dynamic content of high octane … and stuff. And Rasmus showed no panic, but managed to navigate and develop a solution quite extraordinary. I look forward to working with Rasmus again, no doubt, no hesitation. Hustle all you want, Rasmus, you are a diamond in the rough.

Hans Ravnkjær Larsen,
Founder cheche.

Rasmus is a joy to work with. I did some basic UX-sketching under his guidance. His skills in designing user experiences are down right brilliant. Not only is he an artist – he is also the greatest guy you could work with. I genuinely look forward to working with him at a later point.

Jeppe Morgenhtaler,
Senior Customer Success Advisor at Falcon Social

Hey enough about me... how can I help you?

This is what I do. Let me know if you're in need of any of the following.

Illustration & graphic design

"This above all: To thine own self be true". Before I do anything, I think in shapes & colors, and it applies to all I do – be it late night artwork, or a simple wireframe.

Interface design (UI)

I love pixels - There I said it. I've been working with UI for more that a decade. I navigate & enjoy the changing design-paradigms as the clam waves of the ocean.

Presentations & Keynotes

Need to look good presenting your next pitch? Let me apply my skills and do your filthy Keynote, or even Powerpoint – I know how to cut it!

Experience design (UX)

I almost always insist on simply referring to UX as "experience design", as "UX" seems to limit the experience on behalf of the usability. Don't get me wrong... I'm all pro usability. I simply find it implicit in the experience.

I've worked intensely with web and iOS solutions, and I know when to apply best practices... and when to ditch'em.

Prototyping & Clickables

Hail smoke and mirrors. If you need to proof an idea, creating a prototype or "clickable" could be the solution. It's by far the easiest most quick'n dirty way to get insights on whether to kill a darling, or move forward. You can prototype just about anything; from entire websites to user flows or specific components.

I often turn to this discipline when validating my own UX.

Digital ideation & strategy

These are just buzzwords to crank up my Google ranking.
Oh, did I mention #bigdata?

Actually, I know a thing or two about web strategy, digital services, start-ups & apps, and I sometimes get to share my knowledge.