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This is what I do... this and a bunch of from-the-hip-cowboy-style stuff!

Illustration & graphic design

"This above all: To thine own self be true". Before I do anything, I think in shapes & colors, and it applies to all I do – be it late night artwork, or a simple wireframe.

Interface design

I love pixels - There I said it. I've been working with UI for more that a decade. I navigate and enjoy the changing design-paradigms as the clam waves of the ocean.

Presentations & Keynotes

Need to look good presenting your next pitch? Let me apply my skills and do your filthy Keynote, or even Powerpoint – I know how to cut it!

Experience design

Call it "User experience" or "customer experience". I like cutting to the bone and referring to UX as "experience design".

I've worked intensely with web and iOS solutions, and I know when to apply best practices... and when to ditch'em.

Prototyping & Clickables

Take me to the moon... fast! If you need to proof an idea, creating a prototype or "clickable" could be the solution. It's by far the easiest most quick'n dirty way to get insights on whether to kill a darling, or move forward.

You can prototype just about anything; from entire websites to user flows or specific components.

Digital ideation & strategy

These are just buzzwords to crank up my Google ranking. Did I mention #bigdata?

Actually, I know a thing or two about digital strategies, start-ups & apps, and I sometimes get to share my knowledge.

Selected work,
graphics & assets

You could call it a portfolio

Nice things said
about working with me

No one says it better...

I met Rasmus in a rather complex, agile project where design requirements met dynamic content of high octane … and stuff. And Rasmus showed no panic, but managed to navigate and develop a solution quite extraordinary. I look forward to working with Rasmus again, no doubt, no hesitation. Hustle all you want, Rasmus, you are a diamond in the rough.

Hans Ravnkjær Larsen,
Founder cheche.

Rasmus is a joy to work with. I did some basic UX-sketching under his guidance. His skills in designing user experiences are down right brilliant. Not only is he an artist – he is also the greatest guy you could work with. I genuinely look forward to working with him at a later point.

Jeppe Morgenhtaler,
Senior Customer Success Advisor at Falcon Social