Working as Digital Design Lead at Moodagent and on the side, I'm not currently open for other gigs.
That said, feel free to ping me.

I have worked with digital design for close to 20 years, so it’s needless to say “I’ve been around”.

Never the less, with “why” being among my favourite words, I have learned a lot by doing, and continuously acquired new skills as expected in this field of work.

The past 4 years my work has been focused mostly around product ideation, UX & UI.

I am a firm believer in adapting to – and leveraging on – existing paradigms and trends, for the sake of the user experience.

That said, I always try to find and add that twist that makes a solution stand out; be it in the functionality, interaction or behaviour.

I am a getting-things-done kind of guy, and I like to get my hands deep into the design process early on.

I respect talk, but I love execution.

My mind wanders quickly, searching for patterns in behaviour and interactions; I’m that guy who starts sketching already during meetings.

I got a broad expertise ranging from initial sketching, producing lo- & high fidelity wireframes and creating pixel tight UI & assets. Add to that a solid understanding of HTML/CSS/JS, and I guess the latest & greatest term describing me would be a “Full Stack Designer”.

Oh, and I illustrate... like a lot.

Some awesome people I've been fortunate to help along the way

Straight from the horse's mouth

is the best social proof

I met Rasmus in a rather complex, agile project where design requirements met dynamic content of high octane … and stuff. And Rasmus showed no panic, but managed to navigate and develop a solution quite extraordinary. I look forward to working with Rasmus again, no doubt, no hesitation. Hustle all you want, Rasmus, you are a diamond in the rough.

Hans Ravnkjær Larsen
Founder cheche.
Jeppe Morgenhtaler
Senior Customer Success Advisor at Falcon Social

Rasmus is a joy to work with. I did some basic UX-sketching under his guidance. His skills in designing user experiences are down right brilliant. Not only is he an artist – he is also the greatest guy you could work with. I genuinely look forward to working with him at a later point.

I have had the pleasure of working closely with Rasmus on several projects. Rasmus is professional, highly skilled and an experienced UI / UX designer. He delivers high quality work and has been invaluable in creating beautiful and user friendly mobile interfaces for our projects. I am very happy to recommend Rasmus.

Lars Jessen

A mix of illustrations, graphics & ui assets

Let's dim the light